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To: NHS England

Stop 'GP at Hand' putting women at risk of cervical cancer

Please make sure GP at Hand allow their NHS patients to access smear tests within a 30 minute radius of their home address.

If they are unable to provide more than one nurse to do smear tests in the whole of London, cancel your contract with them.

Why is this important?

I signed up to make my GP surgery, the new NHS pilot called GP at Hand. There are adverts for the service all over the tube. As a woman over 25, we need smear tests to prevent cervical cancer. It's a 10 minute test that GP practices offer, often administered by a nurse.

'GP at Hand' only have one nurse for smear tests in the whole of London. They're based in far west London (Fulham), more than an hours' journey for most of us registered on the service.

It's outrageous that NHS England have given them a contract when their provision for women is dangerously low.

Just last week a woman died from cervical cancer when she was 36 having never had a smear test. Around 3,000 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK and the simple 10-minute test could save lives. A GP service only offering this service a 2 hour journey away is insane.

Please sign the petition demanding NHS England cancel the contract unless GP at Hand add more options for smear tests in London.


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