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To: Peter Wilkinson, Director of Rail Passenger Services, UK Department for Transport

Stop GTR/Southern withdrawing West London Line services

Stop GTR/Southern withdrawing West London Line services

On Monday 5th July 2016 it was announced that hundreds of rail services will be unilaterally axed by Southern Rail under a revised timetable in response to ongoing cancellations and delays.

The new timetable starts on Monday 11th July until further notice and will see 15% of Southern trains cancelled, including ALL services on the West London Line between Clapham Junction and Milton Keynes. Southern say this is due to ongoing problems with crew availability during a dispute with the RMT, which has already staged several walkouts.

This petition calls for the Department for Transport to intervene to immediately reverse Southern's decision and ensure that services are retained on the West London Line.

Why is this important?

Southern's West London Line services between Clapham Junction and Milton Keynes are a vital mainline link between not only North and West / South London suburbs but also destinations further afield including Northampton, Milton Keynes and Brighton.

Cancellation of these services will have an immediate effect on a large and ever increasing number of passengers utilising this very popular route especially during peak hours.

The alternative travel arrangements proposed by Southern are much slower and often more expensive routes via London Overground or London Underground. This represents a considerably less attractive proposition for many people, especially for the elderly or those with reduced mobility.


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Reasons for signing

  • I know that GTR/Southern have already executed this plan to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of passengers. How those people have endured, and continue to do so throughout Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, I have no idea. The travelling public in the those counties have suffered enough.
  • Train services need to be improving in line with the influx of passengers (and rising ticket prices), year on year. Sadly the reverse seems to be true in many locations.
  • This is a very useful service that allows passengers to avoid central London termini. Surely a good thing?


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