To: Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport

Stop HS2

Stop wasting tax payers money on HS2, it will only reduce the time taken from London to Sheffield by 46 minutes and it's not worth the £50 billion + it's forecast to cost. It's not good value for money and that's not taking into account the number of people who's lives it will disrupt.

Why is this important?

It will cost every man woman and child in the UK £780.00 each, assuming it's on budget. There isn't sufficient people that will use the service to make it worth while.
The say the trains will hold 1100 people and they will run every 3 minutes, that's 22,000 people per hour. In 10 hours that would be 220,000 where will they all go?


2016-08-26 10:47:27 +0100

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