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Please do not grant permission for the siting of the planned 17.5 meter telecoms mast and associated equipment boxes at Strawberry Way in Wells, BA5 2BQ (ref 2017/1200/TEL). This is in the middle of a residential area, literally meters away from several properties.

Why is this important?

This proposed telecoms mast is huge (17.5 meter) and totally out of proportion with it's surroundings i.e. a residential area near the historic Wells city centre. It will dominate the skyline for many nearby.
The mast and associated cabinets will affect pedestrian safety further in an already notorious black spot.
The mast will emit a forever increasing amount of radio waves;
local residents are very worried about possible negative effects on their health, and it is thought that children and elderly are even more vulnerable to the effects. There are several schools in the area and the mast will be sited along the school routes.
We also need clarification of possible effects of other associated electro-magnetic radiation on residents living near a mast.
The mast will lead to major value loss of the properties in the neighbourhood especially the ones near to the actual site.
Local residents argue that the planning application may be in breach with their human rights of enjoyment of their property, in particular because it is thought that there are more suitable alternative sites in non-residential areas, so the service can be provided if this is seen as absolutely necessary in the interest of the wider public. In addition the installation of the mast will totally remove the individual's choice to be able to avoid exposure to the signals.

Strawberry Way, Wells, Somerset, BA5

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Reasons for signing

  • DISGRACEFUL VODAPHONE. Not satisfied with ignoring a huge petition in the nearby Butleigh Village and proposing to install a mast by the primary school and residential homes, it now turns it's imposition on the people of Wells. SHAME on Mendip Council if you allow this to go ahead. It will shout of Mendip Council putting money and greed above human health.
  • These masts are a disgrace - the mast companies are totally ignoring public safety to place masts in locations which work well for them financially. They are putting cash before cancer.
  • We do not know what impact rhis mast will have, and as our children spend all day there, please sign URGENTLY to stop this going through.


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