To: Damian Green - Work and Pensions Secretary

Stop the pensioner 'Bedroom Tax'

Stop the pensioner 'Bedroom Tax'

Stop the changes to pensioners' housing benefit.

Why is this important?

Plans to cut housing benefit will affect people who have worked hard all their lives. Pensioners should not bear the brunt of yet further underhand benefit cuts.

The hardest hit will be the poorest of pensioners, those on state pensions. The likes of my mother, who worked hard all her life and brought our family up. We've all been grafters, and now she's being punished by a government that just doesn't care. In fact, it's not that they don't care, it's that they don't even see.

My 81 year old mum has been living in a two bedroom council flat for 35 years, it's her home. Pensioners like my mum will lose £14 per week or be pressured into leaving her beloved home.

This is yet another example of a government which simply doesn't care about ordinary people in our country and yet again targets the most vulnerable.


Reasons for signing

  • My 73 year old widowed mum will be affected by this. She has lived in her house for 49 years, it's her home. She will face losing approx £25 per week or be pressured into leaving her home. I dread to think where she would end up.
  • Please support our pensioners...all hushed up by our dodgy government
  • It isn't that this government don't care. It's that they're wilfully malicious and are weaponizing poverty to threaten and coerce all but the wealthy individuals.


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