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To: Keith Brown MSP - Cabinet Minister for the Economy

Stop L'Oreal from damaging local, small business.

Stop L'Oreal from damaging local, small business.

We're calling on you to step up and speak out against the bullying tactics of L'Oreal against small, local business through threatening legal action over the use of the term 'Naked' and their blanket monopoly over such terminology with the IPO.

No global corporation should be able to restrict the activities, growth or progress of local businesses which benefit local economies, employment and business.

Why is this important?

Naked Soap Company is a small, local family business based in Dalgety Bay, Fife - dedicating to passionately making handmade bath products for or customers.

We believe in creating safe, natural products whilst providing a local, friendly service, our customers are our shareholders, our shareholders are our employees - we are a true local cooperative working towards creating local jobs, boosting the local economy and providing high quality products.

No global corporation should hold the power over small businesses due to a single word - a word that determines and personalises a business. Yes, it may be easy to change a business name, but if that name encompasses the business' personality, it's ethics and it's origins then it's not an option at all.

Corporations should not be able to determine the future over local business due to a single term. We want the IPO to tighten the rules on when oppositions can be made and the nature of such oppositions. Allowing global corporations to swamp local business in red tape, expensive legal action and threaten them with releasing their name should not be permitted.

Stand by the Naked Soap Company in standing up against L'Oreal's bully tactics and prove that global corporations cannot eradicate the existence of local business.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • The word 'naked' is not owned by anyone!
  • I am so sick of corporate bullies ruining everyone's lives and I hate bullies. I will never buy from Loreal again. I like small businesses, supporting local economies (who pay actually pay their tax here) and want natural safe products - not toxic muck made by bullies.I'm signing this because "you aren't worth it" Loreal. bullying small firms proves it.
  • This is terrible !! A small , local hardworking business who have put their all into being successful . Disappointed in L'Oréal 😤


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We've been featured heavily on national, local and regional news, check it out on our Facebook page: and watch Gary speak to BBC News last night on TV.

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