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To: Las Iguanas

Stop Las Iguanas forcing their staff to "Pay to Work"

UPDATE - 25/09/15

Victory! Amazing news, following a campaign from 38 Degrees members, restaurant company Las Iguanas have announced they are changing their unfair tips policy. It’s a fantastic victory for people power.

Read their announcement here:

"What a great result for the hard-working staff at Las Iguanas and all 38 Degrees members. This shows without a doubt that when the public get together and have a single-minded focus, then things can and will change. Other restaurants with unfair tipping policies should be looking at this and following suit."
Samuel Hughes - Petition Starter

Las Iguanas are forcing staff to pay back cash at the end of each shift, potentially even when the staff have not received any tips. This has to end.

Please sign the petition now and ask Las Iguanas to stop this "Pay to Work" scheme and let staff keep their hard-earned tips.

Why is this important?

In this time of austerity, getting a job is tough enough as it is. For a chain like Las Iguanas, forcing their staff to pay to work - and profiting from it - is grossly unfair and entirely unnecessary. We have to stop it.

I've eaten at Las Iguanas in Brighton countless times and it's disgusted me to know that money I left to the waiters and waitresses has been taken by the company. Simply put, this ridiculous policy is forcing staff to Pay to Work at Las Iguanas.

If enough of us stand up to these disgusting practices, boycott Las Iguanas - and tell our friends to do likewise - they will have to change their ways. We will be handing this petition to Las Iguanas executives along with stories from their staff, so please sign this vital petition today.

This is the way it works: Las Iguanas require staff to pay back 3% of their total sales for the night (5.5% in London) - in cash - to the management at the end of each shift. The money is meant to be paid by waiters from their pot of tips but, because it bears no relation to how much a waiter actually takes in tips, it can wipe out his or her entire income from gratuities in a busy night.

Here's what one ex-staff member tweeted about the policy yesterday:

If a waiter processes an entirely normal £1,000 in a night then they will be required to pay the managers £30; staff have suggested this occurs even if they received no tips at all. One employee has said: “Over five shifts in a week is a substantial loss of my tips. Sometimes it works out as if I am paying to work, as for a five-hour shift I am paid £32.50 before tax.”

The company claim this policy is to fund staff development and reward schemes for all staff, though Las Iguanas can take £34,000 a week from their staff using this little earner.

Source: The Guardian,, [accessed 24.08.15]

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Las Iguanas executives along with stories from staff members and the public.



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Hi everybody,

Thank you all for signing the petition to make Las Iguanas end their unfair tipping policy - we're nearly at an incredible 60,000 signatures. Please make sure you keep up the pressure on Las Iguanas by sharing the petition via Twitter and Facebook, as well as contacting local Las Iguanas branches on social media too.

It is absolutely vital that we capitalise on this momentum and ultimately get Las Iguanas - and restaurants like them - to change their outrageous tipping policies.

Many thanks,

NB: two news stories have cropped up over the week in relation to our interests!

1) The government have announced that they are to run an investigation into tipping abuse. Here's to hoping that a change comes about swiftly. (

2) The Guardian/Observer have covered our petition specifically, which can be read here:

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