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To: Tim Davison, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian

Take action to guarantee GP registration for everyone in Edinburgh

Campaign created by
Cassandra Scott

* Force GP surgeries to allow anyone in Edinburgh to register with a GP.
* Ban the use of strategies to limit registrations such as only allowing registrations at certain times, or only allowing people to register if they have already obtained a special form (of which only a limited amount are issued).
* Set up a hotline for those who are having problems with registration and display this hotline in prominent places in GP surgeries and on the internet so that people can find it easily.

Why is this important?

The GP system in Edinburgh is falling apart and the GP surgeries are coping the only way they can - by limiting registrations. But everyone has the right to be registered with a GP. Restricting GP services could lead to more people self-diagnosing and self-medicating. Many may have to resort to going to A&E even though they should not need to. NHS Lothian needs to step in here. They need to recruit more GPs and regulate the behaviour of the GP surgeries.


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