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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Stop Lincolnshire County Council cutting funding for local bus services

UPDATE - 28/03/16 - We Won!
We were planning a demonstration at the full council budget meeting, but 2 days before this, the Council announced it had received extra funding for the next 2 years for these vital bus services. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that got in touch, signed and shared this petition - I do not think we could have forced Lincolnshire County Council into a major rethink and change of heart, without your support. It shows that when many people stand with a united voice, change is possible.

You can watch my speech at full council here from 7 mins - 12 mins

We, the undersigned, ask Lincolnshire County Council not to cut subsidies to Lincolnshire buses. These cuts will have a massive impact for people travelling around the county, - to work, to school, to their families and friends. It will force those who are elderly and disabled to feel more isolated, harm the mental and physical health of our residents and jeopardise the economic prosperity of the county.

Why is this important?

Lincolnshire is a very rural county, and not everyone has a car. A lot of people rely on their bus services to get in groceries, to go to work, or hospital. Transport is a vital link for travelling to work, to community services, such as health servicea and shops. They are also vital for enabling social contact with friends and families, especially for those who are disabled or elderly.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be printed off and handed on on the morning of Thursday 4th February, at Lincolnshire County Council HQ, Newland, Lincoln.


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Reasons for signing

  • I suffer from epilepsy, thankfully now controlled by medication, but for several years I was unable to drive, and worked too far from home to walk so the local bus service (from Bourne to Stamford) allowed me to keep my job.
  • I don't have a car, and I use the 505 to visit family, and Spalding, If the bus goes I will not be able to visit my elderly mother.
  • I need a way to ensure my parents safety is ensured - lincolnshire BAN use of UNSUSTAINABLE for areas they need to get out and be self reliant


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