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Philip Swift

Start a new programme of education and training for senior managers and policy makers to make real, sincere and heartfelt change to lloyds culture of ripping off people and making ridiculous terms and conditions. Stop destroying small and medium size businesses by using non caring and non embracing service practises. Stop the 'no-reply' mentality and have a fit-for-purpose two way dialogue system so customers are not ostracised. Stop having just an inbox on online banking so there is 2 way dialogue. Stop sending snail mail and have totally paperless systems as default with customers opting out if they want snail mail. Stop having emails addresses for staff that can only be reached and sent to when the bank decides. Stop fighting against people and sme's when lloyds makes a mistake or error, admits it but sends communications stating 'final decision' thus eliminating any sense of hope, of compensation or resolution.

Why is this important?

Lloyds is an old english bank that is changing for the worse and has been owned by the english tax payer yet continued to not realise or accept that it cannot act in non-common sense, off-hand, aloof, over complicated and unreasonable manner when onteracting or communicating with its owners and customers.
I have a very small company with a commercial account with lloyds and over a year ago they suspended the functioning of my visa debit card. They admitted it was in error. The forced £100 into my account without my knowledge. I refused this as compensation. They then offered £300 as final settlement. I refused this as it was not enough. I did not have my card for 9 days. I could not buy online. I had to wait for a new card to be sent ans them further for a pin code. When i said £300 is not enough to cover the loss of earnings, stress and compensation for the time to work on their error they sent a letter saying they would not deal with me anymore and the letter has bold capitals at the top saying 'final decision'. The time taken to deal with their error has been hundreds of hours. I have charged for this and invoiced them at there head branch in london. There has been no attempt at any level by lloyds to be approachable and embracing. There has been every attempt by lloyds to be detached, blocking and aloof.
I then contacted the uk's financial ombudsman. After 3 or so months i got to a legal person under their adjudication system. I then had health issues and decided to pause the pursuit of compensation for my limited company and also to pursue the well overdue systemic change needed within lloyds, both for commercial accounts and also personal accounts. Lloyds also have my address wrong. This is how blinkered and basic the errors are.
Behind every amazing sme business/startup is a person called the m.D, or ceo. Their lives,, and those of their family and friends are directly affected by the appalling behaviour of the uk's banking systems. Its time for deep systemic change within lloyds so great britains businesses can flourish, without being kicked in the face by the organisations that need to help them.
I try so hard to strip emotion from this an stick to facts. However, this is near impossible as it is an emotive subject. And so it should be, we are talking about peoples lives and livelihoods. I am not bringing problems without solutions. This does not have to be convoluted, difficult and over-engineered. It is time to be compensated for all the trauma, frustration, distress, loss of business face, loss of earnings, loss of address (to lloyds), the many 100's of hours of deep analytic work, phone calls, letters, emails and recording all these.
If you have the same story as me, and maybe you are simply exhausted from the fight, id like to hear from you however it has to be only facts and they have to be substantiated by you with a citation/date time stamps. I cannot do all this on my own but maybe collectivley we can create a register of actions, dates and times with how it cobbled your business and you.
After the ppi scandals we now have new lloyds authorised and promoted malpractises coming out. This may be the right time to make a change for the better for everyone and to save a major long standing british institution.
Please be aware this petition is first and foremost a petiton for change in culture, mission and dialogue and not a petition to get compensated. If that comes then all well and good but that may be a side-effect of the main petition. We need the uk's financial ombudsman onboard as well. It looks as though they are going through a rigourous and uneasy process of change but unlike lloyds, they are open, transparent, non aloof and reaching out for collaboration. This, and i cannot stress this enough, is an amazing surprising and wonderful discovery. I will be making a website where customers of lloyds can start entering dates, times, action, nonaction and proven affects. It cannot be a forum or hangout yet. We have to deal with only fact
1. Jan 2013-lloyds cancelled my business card with no notice
2. They admitted liablity verbally and by snailmail
3. They deposited money into my account with no notice and no reference number
4. They offered more money as compensation by snail mail letter
5. When i declined that amount they sent a snailmail letter saying go away and marked it 'final decision'

Professionals and time-served heavyweights with a desire to change lloyds please join.
We have elliott v lloyds tsb bank plc & anor [2012] ew misc 7 (cc)
Citation: http://www.Scl.Org/site.Aspx?I=ed26547

Maybe start by writing a brief story
Then start writing down facts
Then order them chronologically

Stay tenacious, focussed and humble and we can stop these crazy lloyds actions.
£10 per day for being a few pounds overdrawn=bonkers


Reasons for signing

  • it does not cost the bank any money for the money overdrawn (which is printed/created), just admin of following it up (& they can do a letter for maybe £5, less than £8 with all the admin of the 1st day or2, and then after maybe at most £8 per week [not day] for admin, follow-up, etc. all they need to do), so they have no excuse. They should have backup cards (of separate accounts set up instantly in branch) for these situations urgent of business account(s).


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