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To: The UK Prime Minister & Heads of State of European countries

STOP MOORSIDE: "Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe"

THANKS TO ALL who have campaigned to raise the alarm about the diabolic plan for 3 reactors on green fields near to Sellafield.

The Guardian and other press have reported that: ““Toshiba recognises that the economically rational decision is to withdraw from the UK nuclear power plant construction project, and has resolved to take steps to wind-up NuGen,” Toshiba statement.

‘NuGen’ is saying it is pulling out of Cumbria and the inference is that is with immediate effect as Toshiba looks to divest completely from nuclear activity. That is brilliant! BUT Toshiba should be made to clear up its mess.

We urge the UK Prime Minister and the leaders of Europe to scrap plans for Moorside. The UK Government is planning to sell a vast area of Cumbria to the same companies responsible for the Fukushima disaster, so that they can build new nuclear reactors. Please don't risk the safety of Europe by turning Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.

Why is this important?

Cumbria already has Sellafield. The Sellafield site has the biggest amount of radioactivity on the planet. A major accident involving the liquid high level waste tanks would have catastrophic consequences and make the area uninhabitable for many generations. The area around the Sellafield site should be an untouchable buffer zone to:
a) provide a measure of safety for surrounding towns and villages
b) to accommodate the documented leakage of radiation from the Sellafield site into groundwater.
c) to minimise the target area for terrorist attack (instead of doubling it)

Instead of honouring a beautiful wildlife diverse landscape bought by the public purse and guaranteeing a buffer zone around Sellafield the UK government are planning to sell off a vast area. The land stretches to the villages of Beckermet, Braystones and Calder Bridge. Not only this but the companies who are being wooed to buy the land are the very same companies responsible for Fukushima.

"The Moorside Project" is being promoted by NUGEN a company 100% owned by Toshiba.

Toshiba’s proposed three new reactors are AP1000s. These are the next generation of the same old uranium burning technology. The difference is that these reactors burn the uranium for longer and harder. The resulting radioactive wastes are much hotter and have to be cooled for decades longer. The NDA have told Radiation Free Lakeland that the fresh water resource for cooling is “a matter for the operators.” Currently Sellafield uses over 4 million gallons of water daily to abstracted from Wastwater, the River Ehen, the River Calder and boreholes in the area. Sellafield stopped producing electricity in 2003.

The elephant in the room is of course Toshiba’s track record in nuclear safety. Toshiba supplied the steam generator, architecture and reactor for Fukushima reactors numbers 3 and 5, while Hitachi (merged with Toshiba) supplied the reactor, steam generator and architecture for Fukushima reactor no 4.

The beautiful wildlife diverse land:

Contaminated Groundwater - Sellafield

After– Fukushima – Daiichi - Toshiba looks for new orders overseas

Hitachi, Toshiba and GE Merge Nuclear Operations

Escalating cost of ‘clean up’

Not enough Fresh water to cool new build wastes

What the industry is gleefully saying about 'Moorside'

MOORSIDE REPORT by Radiation Free Lakeland 19.9.14

NEW report commissioned by Radiation Free Lakeland is critical of the AP1000 reactor design. The report has been written by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy. The report says that "The AP1000 reactor design is not fit for purpose and so should be refused a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) and Statement of Design Acceptability (SDA)″.

The AP1000 Nuclear Reactors proposed for Moorside in Cumbria and their Environmental Impact - Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy July 2017

How it will be delivered

We Will Hand Deliver the Petition to the Prime Minister of the UK and Send to All Leaders of European Countries




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