To: Minister of State for Digital and culture



Force the American website which has purchased user data from Streetlife to give users the ability to
1. remove all address data from being available to other users
2. Abbreviate their surname on the site

Streetlife users are asked to move to where they find out that their full address is published! Whatever happened to the data protection act?

Why is this important?

Neighbourhood groups are important to many people but social networks that show full names and even partial addresses such as street name and neighbourhood name make the most vulnerable amongst us even more vulnerable!

Reasons for signing

  • First, Streetlife was a well designed and useful site. Much missed. Nextdoor is so restrictive and franklt odd, it will fail.
  • Lack of privacy. Appalling 'support'. Inability of Nextdoor to respond to questions. Horrible, horrible.
  • Lack of security and disregard for privacy


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