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To: All Members of Parliament.

Stop Osbornes bid to end democracy by the back door!

Read the information from the following link and do whatever it takes to stop this folly before we all become slaves to multi-national companies with NO Government ability to interfere.

Why is this important?

It looks like the gagging bill is a precursor to this Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership that the U S is trying to push through and are pressing Osborne and Co to sign up before the next General Election because once it has been signed it becomes irreversible whoever gets elected. A pure piece of Evil and the end of Democracy as we know it, multi-national corporations will rule and control us all if this succeeds.


Reasons for signing

  • We don't another justice system: there is one that should be for all. Well-being of residents of the nation first. Evil corporations should follow existing local laws! & not hijack politics or local justice, or any public service(s) for that matter.
  • I think it is very important that decisions are retained by elected representatives, so we can vote them out when necessary.


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