To: George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Stop the privatisation of the Land Registry.

UPDATE 07/07/16
The government have scrapped their plans to sell of the Land Registry

Read more on the 38 degrees campaign here:

Stop plans to sell off the Land Registry

Why is this important?

The Land Registry records the ownership of all land and property in England and Wales.

If private companies get their hands on the Land Registry they’ll have one thing on their minds - profits. This could mean a hike in price for all of us, or a fall in standards because of cost-cutting measures.

The Land Registry is a public service that is self funding and is not a drain on public finance. There's no need to sell it off to the highest bidder.

Reasons for signing

  • It's self-funding and contributes £100m p.a. back to government. The service needs to remain impartial and publicly accountable.
  • Bloody Gideon would sell off the Crown Jewels if he could. His philosophy seems to be "if a state service makes a profit sell it off so his mates rake in the profit". It cost the Treasury nothing, and contributes to the coffers.
  • Public services should never be turned into profit making organisations whose sole focus is to make money for its shareholders.


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Jeremy Corbyn challenged David Cameron in the Commons yesterday over the privatisation of the Land Registry

"Many more of our public services are under threat. The Land Registry is threatened with privatisation—a move considered and then rejected in the last two Parliaments. Those Governments listened to the concerns of public and expert opinion. I hope and trust that this Government will consult and come to the same conclusion and that, rather than selling off the family silver, they will retain the Land Registry in public ownership and administration."

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The government has started its public consultation on privatising the Land Registry. Please make your voice heard and COMPLETE THE RESPONSE FORM before the 24th March.

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The Great British Land Registry Robbery - Video Interview with Michael Kavanagh of the Land Registry

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Land Registry: Don’t Make a Monster
An interesting perspective from Michael Cross at the Law Society Gazette but I still believe that any form of privatisation of the Land Registry is a bad idea.

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Land Registry Privatisation - Former Chief Land Registrar speaks out

Read why John Manthorpe, former Chief Land Registrar, is against privatisation of the Land Registry, and what he told Government Ministers.

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Here is an excellent argument from AP Bassett Solicitors as to why the Land Registry must not be privatised and must remain as a state function run for the benefit of it's citizens.

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2015-11-25 15:20:32 +0000

George Osborne failed to mention his plan to privatise the Land Registry in today's Autumn Statement. However you can find it buried on page 74 of the document.

"Subject to a value for money assessment, the government will:...consult on options to move operations of the Land Registry to the private sector from 2017"

It reminds us of how they tried to hide it in the Infrastructure Bill last time.

Here's a copy of the Autumn Statement


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