To: Central Government

Stop £13bn social housing rent rise

Stop £13bn social housing rent rise

Stay the decision to increase social housing rents by more than inflation
Publish a full impact assessment including homeless impact and cost to taxpayer

Why is this important?

Policy will directly lead to hundreds of thousands of existing and prospective social tenant households made homeless
It means the poorest cannot afford the lowest rents even those in work and creates poverty
It means hundreds of thousands of children will be housed in temporary homeless accommodation which damages their life chances
It will increase the Housing Benefit bill by £10 billion over the 5 year period- and will require further cuts elsewhere to pay for it

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Stop making your mates rich on our's thieving
  • We are a country devided into poor and very rich things will only get worse
  • im working but if my rent went up by 20% i would be strugling...working to struggle 10 hours a day for what??


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Open letter to the All Party Parliamentary Group on (Housing) Poverty here
Why this petition is necessary is here -
Original post with full details on what this policy means is here -

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