To: Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Police forces and the Government.

Shut down Roosh V meetings in the UK

Shut down Roosh V meetings in the UK

Supporters of known 'legal rape' advocate and 'neo-masculinist' misogynist creator of 'Return of the Kings' Roosh V will congregate on Saturday 6 February, in eight UK cities: Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Shrewsbury and London.

Why is this important?

As he spreads his hateful speech and guides people on how to exploit, manipulate and rape women, he's putting the welfare of women at risk. He needs to be stopped by all genders, within our communities.

Having written a number of jaw-droppingly offensive blog posts and published books, Roosh V believes that men should stop asking for permission, and that alpha males should slowly break down the confidence in women to get what they want.

He is a hugely dangerous individual. His fans have extensive forums online, detailing where to 'pick up the easiest girls' in each city, naming bars, venues and strategies.

Roosh V needs to be stopped. Please sign.


Reasons for signing

  • As someone with a young daughter, it's simply appalling that such sick people still roam the earth. I may not be a model citizen myself, but I know nauseating evil when I see it!
  • We have to stop this
  • He should be arrested and dealt with soon as lands UK, not ever be allowed to spread his nasty vile filth anywhere around the globe, Sex offender/terrorist same rules should apply - dangerous threat to society..he will be mixing with other beasts/paedos on a so called tour?? WTF! How can police/gov sleep at night knowing this b@stard is putting all females at risk - do something NOW PLEASE - Stop him!!


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