To: Committee on Standards in Public Life

Stop sale of subsidised alcohol at Westminster

Stop sale of subsidised alcohol at Westminster

Investigate the practise of serving alcohol at subsidised prices to MPs working in the houses of parliament. We the taxpayers have a right to know how our tax money is being used, and in this time of austerity we want justification of this practise.

Why is this important?

The Committee has the stated aim of upholding the 7 principles of public life, which include selflessness, integrity and accountability - surely providing our public servants with easy access to alcohol whilst at their workplace, subsidised by the taxpayer is a flagrant misuse of our money which flies in the face of these aims. MPs are well paid and are expected to undertake their duties in a professional manner, this should never include the consumption of alcohol whilst at work, which would be considered by most of the working population to be highly unprofessional conduct. This issue becomes even more important in the context of the recent misconduct accusations being levelled at MPs and the possible implication that the consumption of alcohol could have been a factor in some cases.

Westminster, London

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