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Stop Scotrail Skipping Stops

Stop Scotrail Skipping Stops

End the practice of trains cancelling part routes and skipping stops to make up time.

Why is this important?

Commuters have had enough of the daily train lottery.

Will the train be running and will it stop? Or will I again be left standing on the platform to wait for the next train in the hope it is actually running, perhaps even watching the train roll past without stopping because it's running 8 minutes late?
And if I get on a train will it be going to my stop or will I be left stranded 3 stops before my destination?
Will I get to work on time?
Will I get home to collect the kids from school?
Will I make that appointment?
Or will I get let down by Scotrail yet again?
Sound familiar....

Despite Scotrail claiming skipping stops is a last resort, on a number of routes it appears to be a daily occurrence.
Commuters are paying for a service and the service they are receiving is not acceptable. Is it too much to ask that trains start where they are supposed to, stop at timetabled stops and actually reach their destination?

The practice of stop skipping must be stopped.


Reasons for signing

  • Because I have experienced this first hand as a customer and has caused me to miss connections and be very late.
  • Skipping destroys the whole point of having a railway. It also leads to extra road traffic on overloaded roads and more pollution.
  • I have great difficulty understanding a system that allows Abellio to claim it has achieved over 90% success in arrival at destinations on time when on numerous occasions each day it leaves many passengers stranded on station platforms or on board trains having skipped many stops on route. If this practice is not in breach of the contract drawn up by the Scottish Government then questions need to be asked in parliament of those responsible for this appalling "service".


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