To: Sheffield City Council

Stop Sheffield Council Destroying Heeley's Trees

Stop Sheffield Council Destroying Heeley's Trees

Stop plans to chop down trees around Heeley City farm to create another bus lane in sheffield and create more chaos on the roads of Sheffield. A better long term solution could be thought of which would benefit and not result in destroying valuable natural areas.

Why is this important?

The trees provide an area for wildlife such as squirrels, hedgehogs and birds to live free and natural. It also is a popular route taken by many dog walkers and also cyclists as a barrier from the dangers of the road the other side. The trees provide a natural barrier for people who visit the farm from the noise of the roads and helps cut down the effects of pollution from the traffic in the area.

Heeley, Sheffield


Reasons for signing

  • I am fed up of hearing about plans to chop down trees in Sheffield. Sheffield city council ignore what people want and just do their own thing. The 1960s the hole in the road, this is the future of Sheffield. Well it just got full of street drinkers and so it goes on. They have got no common sense.
  • Tree help reduce air pollution. Tress don't just look good they do good.
  • My answer to this is simple . Contact as many like minded people in the area , and refuse to pay Council Tax until the trees are saved . Trees make life worth living , and are essential to well being and must be saved at all costs . Your quality of life is affected and so withhold the tax for that reason Best Wishes & regards , Paul


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Public Meeting
Tuesday 17th Feburary 2015 7:30pm at Heeley Institute

Help us stop this project before it is approved and work commences. All local councillors have been invited, as has Heeley MP Meg Munn


**if you want to see first-hand exactly what the changes will entail and which trees are in danger, as well as seeing the extent of the proposed road widening, then come along to the farm this Saturday morning (14th February 2015) at 11am. People will meet by the post-box on Ann's Road next to the farm entrance.**

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Thank you to everyone who has already signed, can you all please share the petition to help gain more awareness of this issue.

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