To: Stagecoach and the Scottish Government.

Stop Stagecoach cutting services in the North East of Scotland

Stop Stagecoach cutting services in the North East of Scotland

Stagecoach are proposing to cut services across the north east of Scotland. Many people already do not use the bus service across Aberdeenshire because it is already quite unreliable and patchy in places.

Cutting services leads to increased car use, busier roads and increased air pollution. Stagecoach have published their new draft timetables and are asking for our feedback. Please make your feelings known NOW before it’s too late.

Why is this important?

The Scottish Govenment National Transport Strategy sets out three Key Strategic Outcomes to be used as the guiding principles at national, regional and local level when developing strategy and prioritising resources.

These are:

Improved journey times and connections, to tackle congestion and lack of integration and connections in transport.

Reduced emissions, to tackle climate change, air quality, health improvement.

Improved quality, accessibility and affordability, to give choice of public transport, better quality services and value for money or alternative to car.


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Reasons for signing

  • Stagecoach have cut my usual bus back from 1 to 2 hours. It affects peak times and I find it now takes me 2 hours to get home from work for a 9 mile journey. You either catch a 4 pm or 6pm bus. Most employees finish between 4 or 5 pm. Furthermore, the buses are breaking down left right and centre. Also, I am now paying over £100 per month for the privilege of this shocking service
  • Cutting No37 service. Kintore get an hourly bus to Inverurie during the day, it would be helpful if it actually turned up when pensioners rely on it !
  • Because Stagecoach are treating their customers disgracefully with their low standard of service already and they want to cut back even more.....Surely the Councils should be taking them to task and penalising them for their terrible service. When the service was launched on Deeside, we had buses every 20 mins, we are now about 50% down on that, if they turn up. The people who need to use public transport cannot even depend on them to get to appointments, work etc.


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