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stop subsidising fossil fuels

stop subsidising fossil fuels

Seriously cut or end tax giveways and other subsidies to fossil fuel companies and instead subsidise clean renewable energies like wind solar tidal. It's so easy and will help reduce emissions.

Why is this important?

This is massively important. Governments are subsidising these huge fossil powers to tune of billions to get the ever degrading fossil fuels when we can't afford to be. We all know what the consequences are. We need to cut subsidies and subsidise renewable clean energy instead. The reason? Governments subsidise these powerful elites because their reward comes back to them in the form of massive donations to the parties involved. These companies then have a say in policies. Money talks.


Reasons for signing

  • There are no subsidies of fossil fuel we are aware of, the powerful elite gets their subsidies through the monetary systems, leading to financial markets manipulation, & through under-taxation of all Land (some of which, arguably, they extract & sell fossil fuel), but it is those systems, not direct subsidies.
  • Fossil fuels will run out sooner rather than later, we need to radically invest in alternatives instead of burying our heads in the sand till the oil and coal runs out. See National Geographics ' A World Without Oil' on Youtube for the potential consequences.
  • Against all lobbying by companies just interested in making profit for bonuses and their shareholders


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