To: Cllr Chris Robbins, Leader, London Borough of Waltham Forest

Stop the Council's plan to build on Leyton marshes

Stop the Council's plan to build on Leyton marshes

We call on the London Borough of Waltham Forest to scrap plans to rezone part of Leyton marshes for development.

Why is this important?

We love the Lower Lea Valley marshes (Leyton marshes, Walthamstow marshes and Hackney marshes). We love having such an amazing, unique, open green space on our doorstep, a place to reconnect with nature and let our imaginations run wild right in the heart of one of the most densely populated cities in the world. And we want to make sure the marshes are there for future generations to enjoy.

This is why we are devastated to learn that the London Borough of Waltham Forest has launched a consultation on their vision for the Lea Valley Eastside (, which involves rezoning the large swathe of green open space around The WaterWorks Centre - part of Leyton marshes - for housing. This land is Metropolitan Open Land, which means it should be protected from all inappropriate development, just like Green Belt land. If these plans are approved, then the spectre of our marshes disappearing under high-rise tower blocks comes one step closer.

We have until the end of January to tell the Council - loud and clear - that we will not tolerate building on our marshes. If we can stop these plans in their tracks, then we have a chance to save our marshes for the future.



Reasons for signing

  • Our green spaces in London are being whittled away through greed and corruption.
  • It is an important local resource for people to have access to nature and green space. There is no evidence that the plan would offer new council housing for people who can't afford to buy homes, or genuinely affordable housing.
  • The marshes are the lungs of hackney and joining boroughs - a jewel in London, a peaceful place away from the city streets, replete with beautiful fields, the river lea, a baoting community, walkers, picnicers, runners, meditators - a place to unwind from city stresses - and a place full of nature


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I will be submitting the petition to the Mayor of Waltham Forest at midday tomorrow, Tuesday 31 January, at Waltham Forest Town Hall. Please join me if you can.

I'm going to keep the petition open though, so please keep signing and sharing and I'll can keep you in touch with the campaign as it progresses.

Thank you for your continuing support.


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