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To: Bingham Town Council - Rushcliffe Borough Council & Network Rail



To allow one of the towns most historic artefacts to remain a part of their history and for the demolition to be stopped.

Why is this important?

The signal box was opened in 1875 it is one of very few remaining historical sites to the everchanging and growing town of Bingham. It’s history is what makes Bingham the town it is and whilst it is important the area expands and moves with the modern times it is drastically more important Bingham as a community are allowed to hold onto its history or before we know it, we will just be another town and the history is left in the past for good.

Whilst the functionality of the signal box is now dormant, it’s building and features still tells a story. We appreciate the time consuming expense and upkeep to a none functioning signal box is a hinderance but demolition should be the last resort.

I have therefore personally approached all parties with a proposition which will not only preserve its history for the town and surrounding areas but will also showcase it for all to see.

Therefore if you would like Bingham’s Signal Box to be saved, please sign & share my petition.


Bingham, Nottingham

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Reasons for signing

  • It's part of Bingham, I remember as a child I'd pass the signal box and to me that ment I was nearly home! It's not hurting anyone by being there and I think its qerkie. Dont take all the personality out of a quaint town.
  • I similar box near me is used as a community history "hub". It is opened to the Public to support local fetes etc
  • Just keep it


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