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To: The Department of Transport, Transport Minister

Stop the privatisation of East Coast Trains

Stop the privatisation of East Coast Trains

Cancel the planned privatisation of East Coast Trains being just three months before a general election

Why is this important?

East Coast Trains is contributing money back to the UK economy and is the best example of why a state owned public service is best kept public. With a possible change of Government so soon after the selling of this franchise, it's sale should be delayed to allow a (possible) Labour Government keep the company state owned


Reasons for signing

  • Once a service is privatised, it's very hard to get it back into public ownership. This is a rare chance to rebuild the assets that we as a nation have had stripped away and sold off. It's clearly in the national interest to keep a profitable, well-run public service in the public domain.
  • The East Coast line has failed twice under private ownership at a huge cost to the British taxpayer. Under public ownership it has thrived and is actually returning money to the treasury. It is a shining beacon of service over profit and to sell it off would be of benefit only to shareholders, at the expense of everyone else, whether commuters or not.
  • east coast has been making money for the tax payer


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