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To: General Medical Council and Department of Health

Stop the 'Shape of Training'

Final watered down report has been published. Thanks to the hard work of many groups and individuals the final report is far milder than the original.

Stop the 'Shape of Training'

The implementation of the Shape of Training Review needs to be halted.

Why is this important?

The Shape of Training is a review of medical training being implemented by the government and its recommendations pose a serious threat to patient safety and high quality patient care by reducing the amount of time take to train hospital consultants. Evidence also suggests that the government may have influenced the review in a non-transparent manner.

The review's key recommendations include reducing the time taken to train to become a 'consultant' by at least 2 years and changing the point at which doctors become fully registered to practice by the GMC. The major professional bodies including the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Medical Association have expressed serious concerns about these recommendations. Tom Dolphin of the BMA was involved in the review and has recently spoken out against its recommendations:

" This is an egregious assault at the heart of medical standards; we cannot allow it to proceed. "

The Shape of Training review in its current form is not compatible with high quality patient care and maintaining patient safety in the NHS to a high standard, and for this reason I would urge you to sign this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • As an EU medical student, I chose to study in the UK because of the high standards of training, research and patient care in the NHS. Now all of these are under attack and I am wondering if I can stay here after qualification, as I had planned to.
  • Public confidence on clinical care and safety will be compromised by a reduction in the length of training to become a consultant.
  • This started with Maggie Thatcher, continued in the most disgraceful fashion with Patricia Hewitt and is being steamrollered into completion by this govt. please keep going with this.


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Petition is successful with 7,802 signatures

2017-10-31 10:40:32 +0000

The final report has been published. How much it has been down to pressure we have helped to apply, we will never know, however the final report has been significantly watered down and has removed some of the most toxic changes which were in the original recommendations.

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