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To: Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council

Stop the STP

Stop the STP

Kent County Council is a partner in the Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP), and could stop this destruction of our local NHS. We want KCC Leader Paul Carter to refuse to sign up to the STP and any Accountable Care Systems.

Why is this important?

As a result of underfunding our local NHS has some of the worst A&E waiting times in the country, fewer GPs and am an ambulance service in special measures, missing targets and putting lives in danger.

While people lie waiting in corridors, the Tories are publishing plans that use words like transformation and integration when they mean cuts and rationing.

These plans, called Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs), will cut £486 million from the NHS in Kent. It’s not about improving healthcare, it’s all about cutting costs.

Since the government’s disastrous Health and Social Care Act was passed the NHS has been continuously sliced up for tendering out. The STPs make NHS services even more vulnerable to selling off to huge corporations through so-called Accountable Care Systems, even while the NHS itself becomes less joined up and as we have seen this winter less able to cope with needs and demand.


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