To: Government

Stop UK food industry using plastic food packaging

I want Government to put pressure on UK food businesses to stop marketing food that is packaged in plastic materials. The Earth is choking and a ban on plastic has to come from the top and I want the government to take action NOW.

Why is this important?

The amount of plastic being used is clogging up the oceans and putting its sea creatures in danger. We've seen the horrific stories of sea turtles being suffocated by plastic bags and fish with bits of plastic and beaches strewn with bottles, toys, lighters and straws. These materials take hundreds of years to break down. We can't go on like this. It has to stop.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • The planet is the most important thing in all our lives and there is a stinking complacency from governments across the globe concerning its exploitation. Why do we need plastic packaging now anyway? GET RID of it in favour of an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • We need to call on all our industries and citizens to get inventive and find alternative solutions to replace the collosal amount of plastic used. Net bags? Selling all produce loose? It can't come soon enough, we all need to wake up and act on this.


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