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STOP this barbaric treatment on animals that do not seem to have ANY medical value. I do not like animal testing on ANY level, despite having serious health issues admittedly, but THIS is disgusting on every level of a human being's conscience. How can we be allowing this to continue in the 21st century?

Why is this important?

Here is a link that describes what happens. I'm not a fan of the daily mail, but a friend sent me the link to read - I felt sick and I cried; this is just barbarous.

I understand these pictures were taken in the US, but it's happening HERE and, as a nation of alleged animal lovers, we MUST stop it - NOW.

I am a pet owner; I used to volunteer at a local rescue where traumatised animals, especially dogs, were an every day occurrence. All my pets have been rescues, including cats; I've SEEN what they FEEL and how they can suffer. My older dog has been with us for six YEARS and is STILL traumatised by his experiences; can you imagine what THESE kittens suffer before they're killed?! It's not even what I would call 'proper' medical assessment (though I don't agree with that either); it's universities carrying out animal torture....plain and very simple. I feel VERY strongly about this and I can't be alone surely?


Reasons for signing

  • The scientific community needs to grow up in this regard. If we advance ourselves by inflicting suffering on other species, we don't deserve our advancement.
  • It is unbelievable that this barbaric practice is happening in the 21st century
  • I'm sure there are other ways to find things out!


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