To: South Lanarkshire Council

Stop Waste Incinerator being built in our community

Stop Waste Incinerator being built in our community

Reject Planning permission for HM/17/0260

Why is this important?

All the surrounding communities are against this development. There are lots of health risks involved for the people living within a 10km radius of this plant.
The plant will be storing waste at the property which is dangerous as it heats up. If this were to catch fire at ground level many people would be forced to ingest the harmful toxins produced.
Transport of the Waste to the plant causes another issue, with huge lorries coming and going from the property throughout the day.
The company will be self regulated which means they would be responsible for reporting their own breaches to the authorities. In other plants owned by the same company there has been over 1000 breaches recorded.
There are lots of reasons why we feel this is not the area for this type of plant and would urge people to support us by Signing the petition. Save our future generations by saying no to incineration.


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Reasons for signing

  • This dangerous development threatens the life of our children.
  • I live in Blantyre, this is where I ambrining my son up. I do not want to live under this plant for the health reasons alone.


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