To: Tesco, M&S, Waitrose, Other Major Supermarket Product Managers

Support Healthy Eating: Two Sides and No Dessert Please

When you offer meal deals, stop forcing customers to buy deserts, full of sugar and very unhealthy/unwanted by many, to get the deal. Allow two sides instead, then we can get a green and a potato side with the main AND avoid the sugar bomb. At worst, allow no desert at the same price to avoid waste (meal deal costs more w/o the sugar bomb you have to throw way to get the £10 price).

Why is this important?

It is healthier, avoids wasting the desert, and gives people the healthy option some expect with a meal deal, a main and two sides, denied by the current system, which gives you an incompete main course and a desert you don't want/ shouldn't eat instead. Another of our 5 a day, less waste, healthier customers, better value at no cost except reprogramming a computer (sides are already labelled). So a better offer all round. Why wouldn't you? Cheap does not have to be unhealthy by design, there is a better alternative.

How it will be delivered

In person with media.