To: Moffat and Dumfries town council

Support the Moffat sheep racing 2017

Support the Moffat sheep racing 2017

This petition is in support of the Moffat sheep races 2017 on the grounds that last minute restrictions imposed by the council on the athletes (sheep) is unfair on the athletes, stallholders, Moffat town and spectators who may have travelled far to support the runners.

Why is this important?

Although it is too late now for the sheep to prepare to race, we call on the council to reimburse anyone or business who is out of pocket in anyway due to the last minute cancellation of this event, including guest houses, cafes, Moffat town council or tourists who were coming to support the athletes.

If you feel you have had to change your plans and are out of pocket due to the late cancellation of the Moffat sheep racing 2017, please leave the details below to be forwarded to the council for reimbusement.

Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway

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