To: Haringey Council

Support the right of Tottenham businesses to remain in place

Support the right of Tottenham businesses to remain in place

We want Haringey Council to support the right of Tottenham businesses threatened with demolition by the "High Road West" regeneration plans to remain where they are. These businesses provide jobs and investment in Tottenham as well as serve the local community. They must be retained as part of the Council's plans to improve the lives of people living and working in the area

Why is this important?

These businesses have been trading in the area, employing local people and providing services to the community for decades.

The businesses include DW Wood who have been machining wood at its site in Tottenham High Road since 1948, and North London's famous Chick King opposite Tottenham Hotspur football ground since 1981.

The Peacock Industrial Estate established since 1986 , home to many businesses where several hundred people are employed in jobs covering skills such as specialist glazers , antique restorers , joinery shops, motor mechanics & a cake factory , to name a few trades and professions.In addition , the demolition plans threaten a NHS Doctors Surgery and Coombes Croft Library .

These businesses are the pillar of the local business community and must not be driven out by demolition. They must be retained as part of the future of Tottenham.

Haringey Council's proposals will drive these businesses out of the area, negatively affecting the lives of the owners and the people employed.

Tottenham, London

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Reasons for signing

  • I worked in Tottenham schools for 25 years. People live and work there; their homes, jobs and local business should be preserved not destroyed - especially by a Labour council.
  • We are a family run business and have used DW Wood for over 20 years. They are one of the last wood yards that are left in London providing easy access, a fast and reliable service. Our business would be effected should they no longer be here, costs will rise due to delivery charges and extended time of goods, not to mention increase of traffic on the roads.
  • haringey council wants to remove industry from the area ,it's all wrong !! We take our car to Brittanic who have been established in the peacock since 1986 .


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