To: Brighton and Hove Council - Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Surrenden Area Parking Campaign

Surrenden Area Parking Campaign

Please introduce a controlled parking scheme to the extended Surrenden area so that residents can park close to their homes, children can cross roads safely, visibility for drivers is improved, and out of area commuter, recreational and commercial vehicles are not parked on a long term basis.

Why is this important?

There is high parking demand in the Surrenden area. Within easy walking distance of the main A23 and Preston Park Station, non-resident commuters have parked for free in local streets for many years. Around 7,000 pupils and staff attend local schools. The recent implementation of controlled parking zones in nearby streets has added significantly to these pressures by displacing large numbers of non-resident commuter, commercial and recreational vehicles seeking long-stay parking from streets elsewhere in Brighton. Parking for local residents is now very hard to find. Pedestrians and school children are placed at risk, crossing busy roads between high-sided vehicles and finding corners, crossings, ramps and corners obscured by poorly parked cars. Action needs to be taken soon.

Surrenden Area, Brighton

Reasons for signing

  • In 2015 the council surveyed regarding residents parking - 53% of the area wanted a scheme, support was much higher in Bavant Rd 83%, Harrington Villas 63%, Herbert Rd 75% The council decided to ignore the wishes of local residents - I contacted my local councillor Ken Norman who did not bother to respond, I also contacted Gill Mitchell who was on the council committee his response could be summed up as ‘too bad’
  • We moved into the area in 2002 and there has always been an issue with our road (Bavant Road) with selfish car users who feel it is ok to park in unsafe places whilst dropping off their children at the nursery however this has been exasperated by the displaced parking from other areas. We were given a chance to vote for a scheme and 83% of residents in our road voted for the scheme. This was ignored! The safety of people and children should be our priority as a civilised society!
  • There is no doubt that this has become significantly worse over the last few months. Not only is it now unsafe to cross at various points but you can hardly see when the bus is coming and it can only just pull into the stop. In recent weeks there is an increase in parking in the cut throughs which is really dangerous when cars come from each side of the road at the same time. The verges are increasingly being damaged as delivery vans have nowhere to park.


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