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To: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

Take me off the drone kill list

My name is Malik Jalal, and I am a senior member of the North Waziristan Peace Committee. We are tasked by the Pakistani government with negotiating peace in my region. The US has deemed some of the groups I negotiate with its enemies, but I believe the only way to achieve peace is by talking to all sides.

I also believe that I am on a ‘Kill List’ because of my efforts. I have been targeted four times by drones. More than a dozen other innocent people have already been killed by the missiles fired at me.

I am happy to answer any questions the US or UK may have. All I ask is this: please stop trying to kill me, my family and my colleagues from the North Waziristan Peace Committee.

Why is this important?

Last week, I travelled to England at the invitation of Lord Ken MacDonald. I told my story to show the UK and the US that I am not the kind of person they want to murder. I spoke to members of Parliament, who have written a letter on my behalf.

But, Phillip Hammond and Teresa May would not meet with me. Nor would anyone else in the UK or US governments. From them, I received only silence.

Many people have already been killed in the strikes targeting me. When I leant my vehicle to my nephew, it was targeted by a missile and he was nearly killed. When I accepted a friend’s dinner invitation, his house was hit just before I arrived, killing three people. When my colleagues met to resolve a local dispute, they were targeted and 40 innocent people were killed.

My children are terrified that next time they will succeed and kill me. But I am worried that they will become victims too.

Please take me off the kill list.


Reasons for signing

  • This country should no be carying out extra-judicial assassinations - a judge can no longer put on the black cap and sentence someone to death, but a minister can order someone's death with no judicial oversight.
  • drones are weapons of terror. They are 'blind' and the people who guide them are Kriegsverbrecher
  • Why create an endless cycle of violence by killing the peace-makers and their friends and relatives. It is not only unjust and immoral but counter-productive.


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