To: Thomsons

Target Thomson's cruise ship slave labour.

Dear Thomsons, stop exploiting non-EU cruise staff. Give them better pay and working conditions.

Why is this important?

Would you think twice about going on a Thomsons cruise ship holiday if you knew the facts about it`s labour force? Non-EU citizens employed as housekeepers work long hours, without a single day off, over a seven month cruise season.

A housekeeper's pay equates to about £2 an hour for back breaking hard work with as many as seventeen cabins and their passengers to look after.

Living below decks in cramped, hot conditions, which are in stark contrast to the luxuries enjoyed by passengers above .

Thomsons reported a "record" profit last year of £471 million.
Thomsons need to improve standards and pay for its non-EU crew.
Thomsons can boast its "record " profits but fail miserably in their duty to their non EU-staff .