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Tax Relief for IVF payments

Tax Relief for IVF payments

Tax reliefs are available to people in order to help them save into their pensions, give to charity, pay for childcare or even buy a bike.

I believe a similar relief should be available for people paying for medical treatments like IVF. It should be possible for tax payers to claim back their tax and National Insurance contributions on these payments.

Why is this important?

IVF treatment is being increasing restricted on the NHS due to budget constraints. Making it impossible for many people to have this treatment. At around £5,000 for a private cycle, it can take many years to save for a treatment. If tax payers could claim back their tax on these payments, it would reduce the final bill by around 30% for a basic rate tax payer, making it a more achievable goal. This treatment for many is not a life choice, infertility is often caused by illness and not just 'leaving it to late'. If people can save tax on buying a bike, why not help people build a family.


Reasons for signing

  • The opportunity to have children should not be at a financial cost when we have a fully funded NHS
  • to help a friend
  • Because it's something close to my friends heart and people should be helped to get the family they so desperately want


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