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To: Philip Hammond, MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Taxation laws should only ever be prospective NOT retrospective!

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Craig Tonner
Taxation laws should only ever be prospective NOT retrospective!

Support removing retrospective taxation from law.

HMRC should not be allowed to change the law using a time machine to cover up for its own failings.

Everybody should be judged on the law as it stood at the time.

Why is this important?

Someone has already committed suicide since retrospection was used in the budget as far back as 2008.

The Finance Bill 2014 includes measures to force people to pay upfront and argue later but by that time it will too late for most to afford the appeals process.

Literally thousands of people could be forced into bankruptcy, lose their family homes and jobs if HMRC are allowed powers to collect money that legally was not due but now is because the law has been changed backwards in time.

Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone, and other big big business are allowed to have out of court settlements of anything as low as 1%.

How is this possibly fair to the man on the street that did nothing illegal!

Imagine driving down a road at 30mph for 10 years only to receive a letter from the police saying "we decided to change the speed limit to 20mph and applied the change retrospectively back 10 years" then receiving a driving ban for having driven too fast!!

Support this campaign and give the Government a clear message that retrospection of any type is repugnant, should never be used and laws should only ever be changed prospectively.


Reasons for signing

  • How can you plan for laws that do not exist?
  • When I joined the scheme it was and still is legal. Now HMRC have decided to retrospectively to change the rules, which will bankrupt the majority of people. This should not be allowed to happen - morally this is wrong.
  • HMRC cannot be allowed to change rules retrospectively. We need certainty and having v to second guess future legislation makes that impossibe.


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