To: Muirfield Golf Club

Muirfield Golf Club: tee'd off

We won!

It's just been announced: "Founded in 1744, Muirfield golf club will finally allow female members with immediate effect."

Let female golfers become members of your club.

Why is this important?

It's 98 years since (some) women were allowed to vote in Britain, and 214 years since A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was published. Muirfield Golf Club needs to get up-to-date. Treating all human beings as equal is a mark of civilisation.


Reasons for signing

  • women can play golf - prehistoric to nit allow it
  • I've known some of the men who have made this decision at Muirfield. Their relationship to the world really is infantile, fearful and reactionary. They preserve a 'last bastion' mentality of men who want to dominate, subjugate, and deny equality. They want their 'little boys' bolthole'. Time to let some light in. Any woman who becomes a member will be either a wife of a member and so no threat to the status quo, or she will be patronized to the point of resigning. Be Strong!
  • Oh come off it, do I REALLY need to explain, it's 2016 !! :-)))


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