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To: Department of Health

Tell the government to keep their hands off NHS unsociable hours pay.

Tell the government to keep their hands off NHS unsociable hours pay.

I am calling for the government to keep their hands off NHS unsociable hours pay.

Why is this important?

NHS staff work a 24/7 job and as a reward for being so flexible with shifts they receive extra pay when they work nights and weekends. Most staff rely on this due to the pay freeze for staff on increment pay.

NHS Staff suffer more than those deciding their pay can ever imagine,
They are beaten and abused daily, working unsociable hours and 14 hour shifts. They have to pay to park at their workplace and all they want to do is help others.

NHS staff spend days such as Christmas and New Year with complete strangers, with their patients and colleagues, helping to save lives. For doing this they get a little bit more money, but the job they do is priceless. Please sign this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • I was admitted to hospital in jan 2017 and was in a coma in icu and was given the most amazing care but itu staff #savethenhs
  • As the NHS has a serious recruitment and retention crisis this would exacerbate staffing further and harm staff morale and impact on patient safety. Jeremy Hunt is incompetent and has no interest in the NHS he purports to care about. ex NHS worker
  • Haven't they had enough pay cuts, why dont all the unions attack the mps pay and conditions and destroy their fat cat pensions!


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