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To: High Street Fashion Retailers aimed at young girls/women

That's Not Me

Make their mannequins reflect the true and beautiful diversity of women and young girls' bodies and to ban shop dummies that represent an unhealthy, unachievable body shape (e.g size zero, thigh gaps.)

Why is this important?

Low self-esteem, poor body image, anxiety and depression are increasingly rapidly in young women. Powerful advertisers and retailers would have the women of tomorrow believe that to be beautiful, acceptable and successful you must be the epitome of thin; measuring a size 4 or less. Whilst retail chains aimed at older women are starting to use mannequins that represent normal, wonderful women, retailers aimed at the 14-24 group still have below size 4 mannequins in their window. Their message is that unrealistically thin, unhealthily thin is beautiful. Girls come in a myriad of sizes, they need to be represented and celebrated not ostracised from main stream fashion. Beautiful bodies deserve beautiful clothes whether skinny or curvy. Our daughters deserve more. Statistics show that, "The 2017 version of Miss Average [woman] is 5ft 5in, weighs 11st, wears a dress size 16 and has a shoe size of 6." Retailers have a responsibility to support positive and diverse body image in young women, not to perpetuate the cycle of self-loathing. All girls are beautiful; retailers step up and make a change for positive body image for life.

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