To: Powys County Council

The David Moore Gallery at Y Gaer, Brecon

The David Moore Gallery at Y Gaer, Brecon

Name the Temporary exhibition Gallery at the newly refurbished Brecon Museum & Art Gallery ( Y Gaer ), 'The David Moore Gallery'.

Why is this important?

This is important because David Moore should be recognised as an inspired man who put Brecon on the map for Contemporary art and also for obtaining for the town, important pieces of work by Internationally renowned Artists as a permanent legacy. He built up the temporary exhibition gallery over a period of twelve years, developing Brecon as a 'go to' place for exciting and educational Art.

Brecon, Powys, Wales.

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Reasons for signing

  • David Moore is the inspirational former curator of the Brecon Museum and creator of its wonderful collection of modern Welsh art
  • I AGREE !!!.
  • David Moore has done a great deal of work to make this possible


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