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To: The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

The Government should implement a near-zero CO2 plan now.

A 10 kilometre deep lined and capped water well can convert all power stations to clean energy, a cut of 30% in CO2 emissions. A 20% cut would come from electrification of all vehicles. 41% would come from coating all buildings in Starlite. Aircraft and Ships could halve emissions by using fuel mixed with water using an ultrasonic dibber. Aircraft account for 6% of CO2, while shipping accounts for 4.5%, so another 5.25% can be saved. The total savings would then be 96.25%. Improving soil using biochar would then cut CO2 in the atmosphere by locking it in the ground.
It can all be paid for by eliminating mental illness using the Kadir-Buxton Method, saving the UK £100 billion a year. We have the technology.

Why is this important?

Historically the UK has produced 10% of the world's man made CO2 emissions and we can, and should, take the lead in eliminating these emissions. We allow "venting" (the cleaning process) of conventional power stations even though we know it will kill the old, young and infirm. Other methods of pollution are also unhealthy. If our generation do not clear up the mess, then it could be too late for the next generation to do so. Paying for all of this by eliminating the scourge of mental illness is a great way of funding for such a big plan. A near-zero CO2 economy would also be self-sufficient, which would be a strategic asset, and a soil improver.



2019-11-16 15:52:08 +0000

I have sent my self-funding near-zero CO2 plan to all Conservative Party Ministers, only one replied, after five months when we only have 11 years, saying he had passed it on to the relevant department. I have asked Grant Shapps if he has read the book: "Drawdown", a book that lists and costs 100 inventions that can reverse the climate crisis and await a reply, hopefully not 5 months!

2019-07-05 06:20:45 +0100

I have now sent my self-funding near-zero CO2 plan to all G20 members. UK Prime Minister Theresa May told all G20 members that they must set a near-zero CO2 target, she has admitted to receiving such plans from the general public, but has not acknowledged us it is probable that she has not informed the G20 of our plans. So I have! I have also added to my plan the possible components of Starlite, which can reduce our CO2 emissions by 41%.

2019-05-27 07:55:31 +0100

We are now half way to getting a response from the government, 'The Guardian' newspaper has recently reported that the UK Government has admitted to having received several near-zero CO2 plans from several citizens, this is a small step forward in our campaign.

2019-01-14 09:41:34 +0000

Today I have written to Michael Gove under the Freedom of Information Act asking for official government figures that include CO2 emissions for food, which some estimate to be 30% of CO2 emissions. The official figures I use on my website have this blazing omission. I intend to update my plan to include food and need exact figures for both the UK and the world. Happy New Year.

2018-11-18 03:49:24 +0000

I have recently written to several Univesities with Global Warming Degrees about my self-funding near-zero CO2 plan with a view to getting such plans studied. Few people know such plans exist and we need to keep campaigning in order to get them on the agenda. I sent my plan to the Prime Minister at Downing Street nearly two years ago and have still not got a reply, so will be attempting to get it sent to her home address. Protest and Survive.