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To: Attleborough Town Council

Make Gaymers Recreation Ground disabled friendly

We the undersigned call upon Attleborough Town Council to install full disabled access to all areas of Gaymers Recreation Ground.

Why is this important?

Overnight and without any consultation or warning, a barrier was put up by Attleborough Town Council completely preventing access for some disabled residents and the less able in our community to their only social group. Unfortunately for years this situation has been allowed to continue. Please help us to help those unable to have their voices heard, in return for which our utmost thanks will be yours.

Attleborough Town Council has done nothing to implement The Equality Act regarding disabled access; they have procrastinated at every turn despite months and months of requests, Gaymers Recreation Ground is accessible only to every able bodied person within the community and surrounding area, directly contravening one of the covenants applicable to the land. Time is up: we wish this injustice to be rectified.
United Kingdom

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In-depth discussion regarding this matter, in addition to opinions of local residents both disabled and able bodied, are all available here to be read and indeed interacted with:

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