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The right to a diagnoses and rapid interventions for those with hidden differences

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katherine gleeson
The right to a diagnoses and rapid interventions for those with hidden differences

I am seeking the Secretary of State for Education to make changes for non-compliant schools to be reprimanded, downgraded or even fined, delaying or deny child the right to :-

• Free Diagnoses, rapid interventions, and services that should accompany such a diagnosis.
• Review SEND Provisions •Teaching staff to have mandatory in depth SEND training.

All primary teaching and teaching assistant staff to have quality training in teaching all aspects of reading from decoding to comprehension.

•That All educational institutions and Local Education Authorities comply with the Disability Discrimination Act as families are being let down.
•Legislation and the Code of Practice is not enough on its own • we need an understanding of what quality teaching is and a review of a new transparent system. • Vital that Practitioners are part of the solution.

Intervention for children to be taken seriously and in a prompt time frame .currently those seeking intervention or assessment are enduring unnecessary battle or delays causing many to give up• children and parents to be included in all discussion and decisions making and no longer seen as the agitators •Complaints are dealt with promptness. Sen children are 7 times more likely to be excluded we need to ask questions?

• For adults Free assessments based on income
The parents are not convinced it is going as well as the government claim!

Why is it important
I Care about this issue because children and adults continue to struggle.

An undiagnosed person with a hidden difference such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Asperger’s …….

Why is this important?

An undiagnosed person with a hidden difference such as dyslexia or other commonly experienced a sense of not really knowing who you are.If nobody tells the person that there is a reason for their difficulties, there is a tendency to label themselves as dumb, thick and stupid.

The difficulties can become harder to manage in secondary school and when children begin to fail they can become very vulnerable and on edge. These feelings can stay throughout life.

The frustration of prolonged failure on a range of curriculum subjects at school, resulting in feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence, can have profound effects upon social status, friendship patterns, and acceptance and adjustment in new settings. Aggressive and antisocial behaviour may result from these tensions. Stress and insecurity can lead to a prominence of information processing difficulties. When dealing with problems, may adopt strategies of avoidance and self blaming.

To the person who experiences them, these emotions often feel bewildering and shaming. Inevitably the emotional consequences are lack of confidence, frustration, even depression.

Feeling of been let down by other people who should have recognised the difficulties or be more sympathetic to them; that they have consequently lost opportunities for study having a diagnoses this could of been avoid with a simple diagnosis which is important it allow a child / adult to understand where the difficulties lie and if there are any further difficulties overlapping and this is necessary for the correct accommodation.

Despite everything we know about dyslexia through research, many children are denied screening.
And many more, once diagnosed,are denied the services that should accompany such a diagnosis."

School’s reason for denial .

• Wrongly points to the limited resources (financial or expertise) of the child’s school.
But that is not the entire picture. Putting aside appropriate resource challenges, the educational change necessary to support this vulnerable group of students often transcends financial issues.
In fact, some (not all) of the most significant changes are actually free and actually only require instructional and attitudinal shifts.

No wonder no one wants to diagnose children when there is a shortage of individuals trained to Provide with necessary instruction.

• Lack intervention causes depression anxiety and suicide.
• Lack of of proper intervention can affect future Job prospects, and behaviour which can lead to the prison pipeline.

We want to enable those with children / adults to reach their potential to develop in the work force.

Parents often delay getting their kids the help they need because the school denies screening for diverse reasons . Unfortunately, if they get it the “wait and hope” approach is rarely effective and has a costly impact on children: Navigating the public school bureaucracy to secure special attention often takes months or years.

Meanwhile, children are falling further behind during the critical early-education period.

Public school teachers, principals and staff are well-intentioned, but the system is broken. Most schools don’t have the resources . Waiting for the school to test and treat your dyslexic child is a “race to the bottom” and an enormous disservice to your language-challenged child.

By the time your child is far enough behind to qualify for a public school evaluation, you have a bigger problem on your hands. What was a manageable academic challenge for your 1st grader can turn into a significant emotional and social problem by the 3rd grade. You are likely to hear your child say things like

“I’m never going to get this,” “All my friends read better than I do,” “I hate this,” “School is not for me,” “I’m stupid.”

Children with Dyslexia Despraxia Abergers.... do not “catch up” without specialized and explicit instruction. Such children don’t “just need a little extra practice” or a tutor; they need a specific type of teaching designed for the unique learning patterns of the brain.

Some students often treat every word as a sight word and memorize it, instead of using the word’s structure to decode and understand it. Later in life , demands, this memorization strategy will fail them.

While you are hoping for dyslexia help from the school, your child is losing ground—falling behind with reading and writing skills that are fundamental to all learning.

Many school teachers and administrators wish they could provide more help for struggling, but they lack resources and training to do so. Few parents understand what they are getting themselves into if they try to navigate the school system as an academic lifeline for their struggling student.

Many with hidden disabilities may not recognise their difficulties as Dyslexia Dyspraxia Asbergers or other.... . Even if they understand the nature of their difficulties, they may not know how to present these in a way that allows other people to help them.

In the end, the anxiety about the difficulties is as much the problem as the actual difficulties themselves and a vicious circle of anxiety and inefficiencies evolves from which there seems no escape.A lack of school, job or social success is likely to add to this emotional burden .

A diagnosis is an understanding of the difficulties, by and large, brings a sense of relief even wellbeing , as all the bewildering inefficiencies can be brought into a consistent picture and this helps to explain problems in a clear and confident way.

key to Dyslexia Dyspraxia and Asbergers ..... is Early intervention know one should go unnoticed.

Help make change for an child or an adult!

Thank you.

Sign the Petition so that all children /adults are identified and supported .
Thank you.

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  • I have a son who I had to pay to be tested and they local authority did not believe in the results so help was not forthcoming
  • Indeterminate sentences are a major injustice and all too often those serving them are already disadvantaged.
  • It is unfair that simply being born with dyslexia leads to social disadvantage. It's time to change this lottery.


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