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To: SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) and Minister for Transport Michael Matheson MSP

Think Outside the Circle: Extend Glasgow’s Subway!

Extend Glasgow’s Subway network to reach more people in every corner of Glasgow. SPT and the Scottish Government need to finally deliver on plans and invest in a comprehensive and far-reaching transport system for the long-term benefit of Glasgow’s people, economy and environment.

This will extend and enhance the Subway’s ridership and improve everyone’s mobility - not just those who live within the limited network of the current Subway system.

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Why is this important?

Glasgow’s Subway network has being going in circles for too long!

Built in 1896, Glasgow has the third oldest underground in the world but, unlike all other cities, Glasgow has never extended its Subway. The Subway is not accessible to the majority living in Glasgow and as a result is underused for a city of its size. The ridership of Glasgow’s Subway compares poorly to that of geographically smaller and less populated cities such as Lisbon whose annual underground ridership is 140.9 million, while Glasgow Subway’s annual ridership is 12.8 mil, despite having the larger population.

Transport for London (London’s version of SPT) is currently building a new high-speed underground line Crossrail, now known as the 'Elizabeth Line' and has just released inspiring plans for Crossrail2, to be completed 2030. Remember when Glasgow was going to have a Crossrail too? Why isn’t Scotland’s largest city worth this level of investment? And why doesn't SPT have an ambitious long-term plan?

Fewer cars mean less congestion, more space, and cleaner air above ground for cyclists, pedestrians and remaining motorists. Glasgow has the lowest level of car ownership in Scotland, and some of the worst levels of air pollution. Many people have no choice but to drive due to poor public transport provisions. An extended Subway network would provide a lifeline to isolated communities, improve everyone's overall mobility, and reduce reliance on cars and the problem of scarcity of parking spaces.

In 2007, SPT produced a report that showed huge support for a Subway extension, and said they were “ in tune with the needs of the public”.

“...we want what you want. This city needs a world-class Subway system. That’s what our passengers deserve. I realise an extension won’t come cheap and we still have lots of hurdles to overcome but, in my view, what the public wants, the public should get. This is a ringing endorsement from the people who would use the extended Subway.”

Councillor Alistair Watson, SPT

Since then, recent modernisation has only made cosmetic and technological improvements. Glasgow doesn’t need a novelty train - it needs an underground system fit to carry a growing 21st century population in a 21st century city!

Don’t just take our word for it:

“We need to face the facts that the current system is fraying at the edges. The Subway has served Glasgow well for over a hundred years but we now need to invest further in the city’s infrastructure. These proposals contain bold visions. They would give Glasgow a 21st century transport system for a 21st century city. What we now need to do is work out how we can make that happen.”

Ron Culley, Chief Executive of SPT (2006 - 2010)

“It is tragic that there has been absolutely no progress over the past decade in moving people from cars on to public transport. As the new strategy sets out, the past decade has seen a 2% increase in traffic levels, while public transport use has declined by 6%.”

Colin Howden, Director of Transform Scotland

Let’s show SPT we haven’t forgotten their promise of an extended Subway system!

If ‘People Make Glasgow’, then SPT and the government have to put their money where their mouth is! Sign the petition to extend Glasgow’s Subway and demand a comprehensive underground system fit to serve not just the few, but all the people of Glasgow!


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