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To: Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council

Time to take back our buses!

Time to take back our buses!

Bring Glasgow's buses back into public ownership

Why is this important?

First Glasgow are selling up.

After axing routes and ripping off passengers for years, First Bus are putting their whole Glasgow business up for sale.

There’s a perfect buyer just waiting to take over: the public.

New powers in the Transport Bill allow councils to own and operate bus services.

These will let Glasgow City Council buy the rights to operate buses in the interests of passengers, not profit - like Edinburgh's Lothian Buses.

Bus services in our city have been inadequate for far too long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to take back our buses and build a better public transport system for everyone in our city.

Please sign the petition to tell Glasgow City Council to get our buses back!


Strathclyde’s Buses have been privately-owned by First Glasgow since they bought out the company in 1996. In the last two decades, with First in charge, we have seen routes cut, communities abandoned, and fare prices soar so a single is now £2.40.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, where Lothian Buses have always remained in public ownership they have a comprehensive, reliable and affordable service, with a cleaner fleet and growing passenger numbers. A single fare is just £1.70.

Our city needs these assets back in public ownership, so that we can properly plan and integrate our public transport network to reach all corners of our city region, and reduce fares.

If everyone can get around easily, affordably, reliably and sustainably it will help expand our city’s economy, address inequality and social isolation, reduce congestion and toxic air pollution, and cut carbon emissions.

Sign and share this petition if you want Glasgow City Council to help us take back our buses!

Re-municipalising Bus Services (bringing them back into local public ownership) helps improve services AND saves money. Read all the evidence here:

Read about our campaign and the new powers coming in the Scottish Transport Bill:
12 June 2019 ‘A great step forward’: Campaigners welcome move to let councils set up bus services.

Read about First's plans to sell up:
30 May 2019 ‘FirstGroup confirms sale of UK bus division to focus on US business’

Read the sad story of how we lost our buses in 1996:
10 May 1996 ‘Takeover nets bus workers pounds 35,000’


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Reasons for signing

  • I hope the bus fair would be cheaper as the service is not value the price. And I also hope the council will start to build buses with less combustion.
  • For too long First Bus have been trying to make money from the hard working people of Glasgow. We deserve better. We deserve a transport system that supports economic growth. Supports those that chose the environment over personal transport and those who have no other alternative.
  • I used to ride the bus cheap but now First Bus are looking for profits, we need change.


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2019-06-28 07:20:55 +0100

On Thursday 27th June, Glasgow City Council announced some great news:
'We've begun discussions to explore what a bid for a Council owned bus company could look like for Glasgow' said Cllr Anna Richardson, Convener for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction
This is the first step in our big campaign to #TakeBackOurBuses! Please keep signing and sharing the petition to keep the pressure up and help ensure these 'explorations' become a reality.

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