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To: the government and police force

To Force Investigation of illegal speed Entrapment Sites

Image of Bypass entrance unlawful signage configurations

Here are some youtube Petition videos that i have added:

Wakefield Councils official website. Report illegal signs to the police
Ossett bypass A638 refund of fines by West Yorkshire casualty reduction partnership
Roundabout signing & Road safety partnership failures

Section .85 of the Road Traffic act 1984 chapter 27 states that a driver can not be convicted of a speeding offence if the road signage is not in place correctly and maintained. Police and councils have placed incorrect road signs and even set up roads with no road signs at police enforcement sites to procure prosecutions and convictions via illegitimate means. And to protect their interests lied and have engaged in fraud to pervert the course of justice.

Stop lying and evasion of responsibilities.
Investigate complaints and reported fraud within the police, ministry of justice, crown prosecution service, courts, department of transport, highways agency and MP's who are guilty of fraud, entrapment, perverting the course of justice and causing drivers to contravene traffic regulation orders, false placement of traffic regulation orders and placement of incorrect road signage at enforcement sites. Misuse of police speed detection equipment and failing to carry out required sign checks and risk assessments. Also forging police records of offence figures and accident statistics. So far the authoritys refuse to accept responsibility or acknowledge fault. Also breeches in staff truth and honesty policy all across police and government. If the police are not made to investigate and prosecute themselves and the government, magistrates, Mp's, Highways agency, council and justice staff they should be sacked. The people must make these persons do their job and get rid of corruption.

Why is this important?

Because democracy cannot function with a corrupt government or employees who are dishonest, lie, cheat and who are not legitimate people.

No organisation or department can follow any rules or Laws if they are not honest or if they refuse to carry out their job as policy states. And they must act accordingly to the legislation and law, not ignore it or refuse to acknowledge it, or engage in fraud or perverting the course of justice, which includes legal abuse against people and abuse of process.

It is also important that all drivers who have been fined or banned from driving through entrapment and illegitimate conviction are cleared of the offences and compensated as well as all current illegitimate enforcement of speed limits put to a stop and the criminal staff brought to justice

How it will be delivered

I will collect as many epetitions and paper petitions as possible.
I will attempt to obtain 100,000 signatures to get it discussed in parliament.
Any number of signatures over 1000 will be presented to West Yorkshire Police.

United Kingdom

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