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To: Leeds City Council

Traffic calming measures on A647 Pudsey

Put speed cameras along the A647 from Thornbury roundabout to Dawson's Corner to enforce the 40 mph speed limit and CCTV cameras on the pedestrian crossings to stop cars jumping the lights.

Why is this important?

Since the reconfiguration of the A647 Leeds/Bradford Road there has been an increase in reports of very dangerous driving. Drivers regularly speed up and down the length of the road from Bradford to Leeds and back again, turning at the roundabout at Dawson's Corner. Drivers also regularly jump the pedestrian lights outside the Woodhall post office and there has been several near misses involving local residents including children and babies in prams. The police have been informed on some occasions when we have been able to get car registration numbers, however traffic calming measures are desperately needed before someone gets killed or severely injured.

Pudsey LS28

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