To: U.K. Councils

Travellers have a right to call a place home

Travellers have a right to call a place home

Councils should stop discriminating against travellers. We accept a wide range of different cultures, and how they live different to we do. Why still in 2017, do they not accept travellers do not want to stay in homes. It's their way of life, their culture.

Why is this important?

For those who do want to send their children to school, they should have that right, without having to constant move on. Most see no point, and why should any child grow up in the uk feeling hated, wherever they go? It's so wrong. If they had permanent sites, these house proud people would then have electricity, water supplies, everything we do, to be able to live like human beings, and able to keep their surroundings tidy and clean. They would be a proper part of society paying taxes for their site, water, bins, electricity. In turn, they would have to agree to council uk rules, or then face eviction as every other tenant or home owner abides by. The stigma they face wherever they go, is partly down to the discrimination they are shown. The U.K. Should not discriminate against any culture. There are laws against discrimination, so why do our councils still discriminate this culture. Their culture is not going to change. It's their heritage. They should not have to change, but the uk councils and police should!


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Reasons for signing

  • No one should face discrimination, which ever culture they are from. They are human beings