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To: South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

Treat homeless people with respect and dignity

Treat homeless people with respect and dignity

Stop Public Space Protection Orders which means a homeless person could be given warning letters of fixed penalty notices.

Why is this important?

Public Space Protection Orders allow for broad powers to criminalise behaviour that is not normally criminal.

This means in theory homeless people could be fined £100 for accepting food from kind-hearted strangers. This could demonise people who are often unwell, maybe have mental health issues or have just fallen on hard times. This is no way to treat the most vulnerable in our town.

PSPOs are geographically defined, making predefined activities within a mapped area prosecutable. People can literally be fined for being in the wrong place. Under PSPOs homeless people could be targeted if they enter an exclusion zone, which covers a large part of the town.

I am saddened and disappointed that the great town of South Shields has recently started enforcing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).

This campaign is based on this information from the council's website:

If you have anything that suggests that the council are no longer able to fine people for begging then we'd love to hear more from you, drop us an email at [email protected]

South Shields

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Reasons for signing

  • Homeless people should not be demonised and criminalised because they have nowhere to live. Austerity cuts by this Tory govmt are to blame for local councils cuuting back severely on services meaning more and more people are falling through the net - actually the net has gone and people who find themselves out of a job, evicted, suffering mental health problems etc are increasingly finding themselves on the street. This govmt has got to go!
  • This is callous and downright cruel. The councilors who came up with this should be arrested.
  • To fine homeless is just plain evil, they should get support from the society, put up enough shelters and work programs, instead of fining them and point them out to be a criminal as they do not have a place to go. I am an Atheist and I think the so called Christians missed an important part out of the bible


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